Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's been over two whole years since I've touched this. I'm still alive, I'm still a chef, and you're probably not reading this or you're yelling at the monitor in some grumpy attempt to get me to write more regularly. Fuck, I make vloggers look consistent.

On to the new. Last we spoke, I was working on King street in a restaurant that has long since closed and is now an Indian joint. I've moved around a fair bit, and after hitting places on Portland, Spadina, Dufferin, I've landed on Bloor out in the west end. I seem to be having a good time. It's got an eclectic menu and I get to play around with different cultural styles.

My brain's kinda dead about interesting stories and new events, kinda because I'm on paid vacation. the upside is that I have a job nice enough to get paid vacation, which is generally unheard of in any kitchens that aren't for offices or hotels. The downside, is because someone left a bad fan on, it shorted out, and proceeded to light itself on fire. The upside is that it was right underneath a sprinkler and was put out immediately. The downside is that the sprinkler system was connected to the dining room and soaked the floors and some of the booths. So, I'm relaxing until Sunday morning when the new carpeting and flooring is finished being installed.

Recipes will start coming out again when I finish working on some.